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I’ve been asked about starting a western fiction magazine. Frankly, I’ve a lot on my plate these days and the thought of adding something like that to it isn’t particularly appealing. However, my love for western fiction and the genre keeps the option open.
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I’m exploring doing it, but only if I can find enough qualified writers to supplement the magazine with quality stories. I can’t do them all myself. I’d certainly contribute, but doing all the writing just would not work.

The magazine will have to sustain itself. I’ll not go much out-of-pocket on the project, so it will have to be sustained by subscriptions and advertisements, otherwise, it will not work.

There really isn’t anything out there, today. The last true western fiction magazine, Far West, folded back in the 70’s, and since then, there hasn’t been anything around to take its place. Part of the problem is that there is a relatively small market for western fiction, and print media is so expensive. However, there are enough western fiction fans out there, that it is a viable operation as an electronic magazine.

I’ve put out some feelers, asking folks who visit the here as to what their feelings are, and whether they’d be willing to subscribe. Time will tell. Keep looking in here to see the way the wind blows. I’ve been getting a lot of responses, but it is still too early to tell.

UPDATE: In one week, everyone who takes my survey will get an additional western fiction novel free. It’s in pdf format and if you’re a registered member of my list, you’ll get a notice in your email box as to where to go to get the free novel.
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If you’ve an interest, let me know by taking my short survey below. I’ll send it to you. Thanks.



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