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America’s Love Affair with Western Fiction Began with James Fenimore Cooper

Western Fiction Impacted America as early as 1813 Westerns have been with us (Americans) since at least 1813 with the release of Daniel Bryan’s The Mountain Muse, and in James Paulding’s The Backwoodsman in 1818. But, the man who would impact American culture more than any man for generations was James Fenimore Cooper, who began […]


Western Fiction|Old West Novel|A Wyoming Adventure

You can steal from a man and he may forgive you. Beat a man, and he may try to hurt you. But, harm someone he loves, touch his family, and he’ll not forgive you. And, if you harm the wife of a man like Weston Teague, he won’t just hurt you.


The Western Character in Westerns

Writers of western fiction vary in their treatment of characters, especially the lead characters and the villans. Zane Grey, for example, always portrayed the hero as this solitary figure, typically with a past, taciturn to a fault, and possessed of sterling character when it comes to women, particularly the heroine that he is destined to rescue or protect.


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