Wild Wild West


Cowboys and Indians weren’t the only “wild things” in the Old West. The land itself was a wild and rugged terrain, unforgiving and relentless as it swallowed up those who dared invade. One had to be, as the Apache and other Indian tribes were, as tough as the land in which they lived. Those who came to live in the Old West learned to adapt, or they perished. Men drove cattle across the great sweeping prairies, across Texas, Kansas, Colorado, across Montana, Wyoming, and all the way up to the Dakotas.

Come in and browse. There’s some historical facts you might want to read about (like the time gold was discovered in California and created a migration unlike any other in American history). And, there’s some fiction buried in here that is free. When you see, here and there, pop-ups, or other places offering a free western fiction e-book, sign up and it’s yours to read. Most of these are stories that were published years ago in a magazine entitled Far West, a California publication long out of print, and some of the stories are original and never published except here. Be sure and take advantage.


There are some special offers, such as an exciting   western fiction book by Voyle Glover. You can read the first 3 chapters of the book.  The book, Bloody Wes Teague, is about a  rancher who falls in love with an Eastern woman whose father, a railroad magnate, owns a ranch in Colorado. Wes Teague, former Texas lawman, now a Wyoming rancher, met this beautiful lady on her father’s ranch on a cattle buying trip. He is so smitten by her, he travels by train to New York City to propose to her. But, he learns marrying a woman like Tabitha Claymore has a price. It is a story that takes a hard look at the fine line between justice and vengeance. Sometimes, that line is hard to see.

[stextbox id=”info”]This western tale is done in the tradition of  “The Dean” of western fiction, Louis L’Amour: historically accurate settings, with strong characters, and a moral sense of justice in the main character, who is as tough as the land in which he has come to live. [/stextbox]



We’ve got two bookstores that have just about everything western in them you’d possibly want to buy. One is dedicated solely to Louis L’Amour. The other is a general western fiction bookstore, which also includes western movies on DVD, and some western music. You can find it here: General Western Bookstore. So, browse around and make yourself at home.

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