What is considered Western Fiction?

I have to read a book that is western fiction and do a 15 minutes presentation about it. What is considered western fiction? Would the Host written by Stephanie Meyer be considered western fiction?

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  1. xxmachina says:

    I sincerely doubt it. The host is considered sci-fi and nobody ever means sci-fi as western.

    I think she wants an Oater, cowboys riding the range, Zane Grey or Louis Lamour style. the classic Horse Opera with a gunslinger saving the farmers from the desperadoes.

    However she could mean a modern western novel as well rather than strictly an oater, in which case she might mean something like Steinbeck’s Cannery Row, Jim Harrison’s Legends of the Fall, or Norman McLean’s A River Runs Through It..

    The Oater answer is more likely, but she might include the others as being based in the west., as they are often desrcibed as this by some critics.

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