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“Your foreman shore made a fool’s play when he tangled with that man, sir. I know who he is, and I reckon if your foreman had knowed what I know, he’d have never took up a hand against that man. There’s some men in Texas still get nervous when there’s talk of Wes Teague.” He wiped the gun and stuck it into a soft deer casing, then continued, “Had a rep for bein’ a fair man, mind you, but sudden. Awful sudden. I reckon ‘Bloody’ Teague was ‘bout the hardest man Texas ever saw, Mr. Claymore.” -Marshal Hobbs
 I said, loud enough for everyone to hear: “You Texans have been huntin’ me. You hurt my girl real bad and shot two of my friends. It’s war you came for gentlemen, and here’s lookin’ at you!” I opened up on them, and my first shot put the one who’d spoke, back against the wall where he slid down, and in half a second, I’d shot the second one. The third man flew backwards out of his chair and piled on the floor, but managed to get a shot at me as he went down. His shot went wild on account of my shot which left him on the floor holding his stomach. The other came up with his hands held up high, yelling something about ‘giving up,’ but I shot him because there’s a time for talking and a time for war, and they’d declared war on me. I just wasn’t up to listening. The whole thing didn’t take more then a few seconds. I turned to the crowd and said, “This war ain’t goin’ to have no prisoners. You can pass that on if you see any more of those Texans!” -Luke Adams

Bloody Wes Teague

Any man raised in the West in the mid 1800's knew hard times, particularly if he was raised in a dirt poor cow town with a father as Marshal. Weston Teague grew up in hard times, saw tough men up close and watched in horror as his father was gunned down before his eyes. He made a vow that day to always take another man’s threats against him seriously. His father had ignored a man’s threat. Teague vowed he’d never do that.

But he did, many years later in another place, another time. It would cost him dearly.

Teague met Abitha Claymore on a cattle buying trip to Colorado. She is the daughter of a rich New York rail road man. When Teague shows up in New York City to court her, Claymore opposes the marriage and even tries to have Teague shanghaied. The local city thugs learned what truly “bad man” was. Claymore reluctantly gave his blessing to the marriage.

Unfortunately, the foreman of his Colorado ranch, James Wood, didn’t give his blessing. Prior to the wedding, Wood makes a threat to kill Teague. Because Teague was in the city courting Abitha Claymore, he chooses to ignore the warning, agreeing with Wood that there would be a “more convenient time” later. It would be a mistake.

Teague returned with his new bride to the newly opened Wyoming Territory and his ranch. In less than a year, Abitha was expecting their first child.
She was not expecting James Wood in her first trimester.

Wood arrives on the ranch leading several other riders. Teague is in town to handle the building of a town house for his expectant wife. The riders force Abitha and her maid onto horses and kidnap them, heading back to the Colorado ranch. Wood knows Teague will follow. He wants him to follow so he can kill him.

But the man who follows Wood is different. The civilized veneer is gone, and now he’s a man driven by rage and vengeance. Those who stole his wife will learn why, in Texas, he was called “Bloody” Wes Teague. In the days when Teague wore a star, he’d brought outlaws across the saddle and had enough gunfights in town that had earned him a reputation as a very hard man, not one to ever challenge.

Everyone knew the Colt that lay at his belly wasn’t decoration
A gunslinger in the Wild West was fairly uncommon. A cowboy chasing “cow critters” could be found throughout the Old West. In western books, historical fiction novels, or western novels, the western cowboys are a dime a dozen . (Maybe that’s where the phrase “dime novel” arose.) Cowboy stories were common on the western open range, and those cowboys told a lot of those stories, but cowboy novels were not.

A “cowboy western,” was pretty uncommon during the early days of western novels. Usually, the greatest westerns were about some gunslinger in the Old West, or a marshal or sheriff made larger than life, or a mountain man or Indian fighter (such as Buffalo Bill).

This is another western fiction novel of the highest caliber, an action packed adventure from Brevia Books, by Voyle Glover.


Texas Past

Luke Adams was a fun-loving, hi-yu cowboy from Tennessee, but who finished his growing-up chasing long-horn steers through sagebrush that cut chaps like a razor and quickly made men out of boys.

Luke is one of those young men who grew up in hard times, doing a man's work years before he was grown. He also learned early in life to take care of himself, and had learned to shuck a gun quicker than most men.

But, Luke's life as a care-free cowboy came to an abrupt end one white-hot Texas summer day. Three riders came upon Luke while he and another cowboy were at a line shack gathering strays and branding calves. The riders were chasing rustlers.

One of the men was a hothead, the son of a powerful, local rancher. He insisted that Luke and his friend were the rustlers.Luke convinces the leader of three riders, an older man with moves Luke considered to be like that of a big cat, that they had the wrong men. However, he shouldn't have discounted the rancher's son. It was a mistake that would cost several men their lives before all was done.

Luke tells it this way:

That kid though, he was like a dog when you take away a piece of meat he's about to sink his teeth into. He just went mean all of a sudden. Even though I'd put away my Colt, I was still watching close. Hadn't been that I was still watching, I might have missed the kid's move because he drew his gun without me seeing it. All I caught was his wild eyes and the twitch of his right shoulder, and I dove for the dirt and yelled for my partner to do the same as me.

That kid got a shot off, but it went into the earth right beside his own horse because my shot took him right out of the saddle backwards. I heard him scream and heard him hit the ground with a heavy thud. He made no sound after that.

After the dust settles, Luke is warned by the older man that there will be some hard riders coming after him because Briner, the rancher, was a powerful man who would want revenge, and it didn't matter that his kid was in the wrong. The man would have the Texas Rangers looking for him, and he'd be sending his own crew of gunmen.

Luke immediately heads for New Mexico Territory. He is tracked, but manages to elude the men chasing him. Once there, Luke partners with three other men and they buy a small ranch. All goes well for nearly a year. Luke even manages to fall in love. And then one day, Briner found him.

The rancher and every hard-case that rode with him would one day regret they found Luke Adams. They'd regret accidently hurting the girl Luke loved, and would regret shooting one of his partners. The hard-case gunmen that rode with him into New Mexico, would learn that they had come to hang a man who wasn't quite what he appeared to be. He wasn't the usual cowboy who wore a gun for the coyotes, snakes, and other critters. A gun was as familiar to Luke as a rope. He'd spent years as a kid jerking a big, bone-handled .44 out of his waistband and firing it, until he could catch a jackrabbit on the hop and a squirrel on the run.

Those Texas riders found a man who was tougher than the land in which he lived. They also discovered that they had created an enemy who became a relentless foe. They encountered a man who reached a point where he was not content to just defend himself.

They found a man who hunted them.

Down to the last man.

This exciting western fiction novel will keep your attention all the way through. There's romance (Luke falls in love and his biggest surprise in life is that she loves him), there's plenty of action, and even some cowboy humor. Luke Adams is a funny man, and a lover of good cowboy jokes. You'll like him.

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