Western Novels

[stextbox id=”cactistyle”] “Your foreman shore made a fool’s play when he tangled with that man, sir. I know who he is, and I reckon if your foreman had knowed what I know, he’d have never took up a hand against that man. There’s some men in Texas still get nervous when there’s talk of Wes Teague.” He wiped the gun and stuck it into a soft deer casing, then continued, “Had a rep for bein’ a fair man, mind you, but sudden. Awful sudden. I reckon ‘Bloody’ Teague was ‘bout the hardest man Texas ever saw, Mr. Claymore.” -Marshal Hobbs[/stextbox] [stextbox id=”gunman”] I said, loud enough for everyone to hear: “You Texans have been huntin’ me. You hurt my girl real bad and shot two of my friends. It’s war you came for gentlemen, and here’s lookin’ at you!” I opened up on them, and my first shot put the one who’d spoke, back against the wall where he slid down, and in half a second, I’d shot the second one. The third man flew backwards out of his chair and piled on the floor, but managed to get a shot at me as he went down. His shot went wild on account of my shot which left him on the floor holding his stomach. The other came up with his hands held up high, yelling something about ‘giving up,’ but I shot him because there’s a time for talking and a time for war, and they’d declared war on me. I just wasn’t up to listening. The whole thing didn’t take more then a few seconds. I turned to the crowd and said, “This war ain’t goin’ to have no prisoners. You can pass that on if you see any more of those Texans!” -Luke Adams [/stextbox] 
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