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Come in and browse awhile in our Old West Bookstore, where we’ve collected the best of the American West. You’ll find a great selection of quality western fiction books, non-fiction, movies, and other great treasures of the Old West, including some very good books on the Native American Indians (First Nation People).There are some great western history books, giving you insights you’ve never had about the Old West and some of it’s famous characters. There are many classic fiction stories about the Old West such as Shane, by Jack Shaefer. Other fabulous selections available include writings by the romanticist, Zane Grey, as well as other classics like The Virginian , or the book John Wayne made famous,  True Grit, by Charles Portis, along with many others. We also have a bookstore dedicated exclusively to Louis L’Amour, The Dean of Western Fiction. Go to that bookstore and look for such classics as Hondo or the Sackett (Louis L’Amour) series. If you’ve never read these books, you’re missing a good read. There are some audio books as well. You’ll love the prices!


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