The Causey Trail

The Causey Trail

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Sy Causey is a careful man, one used to the dangers of the wild, western frontier. His skill with weapons has been honed by years of living in a harsh land and facing hard men. Causey meets a woman and is smitten. He takes a job hunting wolves for her father’s ranch, but soon learns that the real reason he’s hired is to hunt a man–a man more wolf than man.

Sy Causey soon learns that he’s tracking a man with skills to match his own. Indeed, the man has an uncanny ability to evade Causey. Finally, Causey is trapped and nearly killed. When he is found by a ranch hand, he returns to the ranch, only to discover that the woman he loves has been taken by this strange man no one has seen face to face.

Causey sets out on the trail and soon learns who he is tracking. He knows the man very well. They’d grown up together.

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