Why isn't the news covering the issues regarding the Lakota Indians?

If no one stands up for them – no one will be left to stand up for anyone.

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What's the origin of the American cowboy tradition of pistol-caliber rifles?

Since you can milk a little more velocity from a round by using a longer barrel — was it just to avoid having to carry multiple types of ammo?

Or something else I didn’t think of?

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Where can I find a complete list of Louis L'amour books ?

My husband collect them . I would like to complete the set he has. He says he has them all but…. We’ll see.

Good authors of Western fiction?

I’m a huge fan of Western fiction. I have read books by the following authors : Louis L’Amour, Zane Grey, Elmore Leonard, Elmer Kelton, Cotton Smith, Ralph Cotton, Ralph Compton, Johnny D. Boggs, Cotton Smith, Peter Brandvold, James Carlos Blake, Matt Braun, William Johnstone, Cameron Judd, Charles G. West and Randy Lee Eichkoff.

Can anyone tell me some authors of western/frontier fiction I may have missed?

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