Good authors of Western fiction?

I’m a huge fan of Western fiction. I have read books by the following authors : Louis L’Amour, Zane Grey, Elmore Leonard, Elmer Kelton, Cotton Smith, Ralph Cotton, Ralph Compton, Johnny D. Boggs, Cotton Smith, Peter Brandvold, James Carlos Blake, Matt Braun, William Johnstone, Cameron Judd, Charles G. West and Randy Lee Eichkoff.

Can anyone tell me some authors of western/frontier fiction I may have missed?

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  1. admin says:

    I think you’ve got some excellent book choices at your site. If I had kids, I’d get Daring Rescue at Sonora Pass. Sounds like an exciting book for kids. Your website, looks like a great resource for readers. Hope you get a lot of visitors there.

  2. admin says:

    Congrats! Hope it gets made into a movie.

  3. I am a Writer & Western Filmmaker and my novel “West to Bravo” comes out this Fall. The story is a traditional western in the vein of the John Ford/John Wayne Cavalry pictures. To get an early “prerelease” signed copy of the book and other Western genre merchandise, go to and search “West to Bravo”.
    Eric H. Heisner

  4. Lots of great choices above. For Christian westerns would recommend authors such as Gilbert Morris and Stephen Bly. Many series to choose from.

  5. john says:

    help ya’ll !!!!!!!!!
    i am relatively new to westerns. got tired of same old plot and characters.
    i bought a book from a small private thrift store in the smoky mountains. the proprietor urged me and i bought it. after reading and enjoying the book i let my neightbor to take it home and read it. well, his big dog read and ate it… unable to remember the title or author.
    thick book. map of western territory, from st. louis westward. main character was on the lewis and clark trek. then led other wagon trains etc. to other sections of the west. i think he had brothers that joined in on later trips…..can anyone give me some help trying to locate this book?. i prefer this type story,based on fact or nearly so. some suggestions please.

  6. christina anne knight says:

    max brand is another good western author in the same league as louis lamour. wikipedia has a fairly comprehensive list of louis lamour books.

  7. Colby Morgan says:

    J.A. Johnstone has “The Loner” series out now which may interest you since you mentioned you have read William Johnstone. The seventh book (Trail of Blood) is coming out very soon, but the first six are available now and are really fantastic page-turners.

  8. john jones says:

    I am not sure he is a “western” writer, but Michener’s Centennial is good. And a new one. Just read his first book. Threads West by Reid Lance Rosenthal. One of the best I have turned pages on, and I have read just about all of em over 50 years. I think you will hear alot about him in the coming years. Different style. Best scene description and character writing I have read. Has five more books coming in this series. I plan to read all of them.

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