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There are 5 basic ways one can get a back link here.

1. Comments. This is a free link. An author or advertiser can get a free backlink by merely commenting on a post, and can have up to two links within a post. We permit authors to do shameless promos of their works. This is done as a favor for writers. However, the comment must be relevant to the post and/or the site itself. Anything dealing with the Old West, or even the modern American West will be considered relevant. We reserve the right to insert an affliate link within the post to your book on Amazon. We don’t always do it, but sometimes we will insert one of our Amazon affliate links. We do not alter any links made directly to your own site. However, we prefer that any links you provide within the body of your comments be done in the embedded fashion, i.e., use a relevant word (or title of the book) as a link. It will look something like this:  NAME OF BOOK OR WORD

2. A Post Written by You. We encourage writers to put a Press Release or a Book Review here. There is a flat, one time fee (email for a quote) for a Press Release or Book Review (though there is a way to get these for free). The links you put in can be up to  3, though we suggest you put one link to your book and one to your home page, but you may want to put a link to a second book you’ve done. We reserve the right (and generally do) to insert our Amazon  affliate link to your book within your post.  The post needs to be a minimum of 250 words (300-600 is best). Also, you really need to write it in a way that is SEO effective. In other words, make use of at least 1 h1 tag, 1 h2 tag, italize and/or bold your key word(s), mention your key word(s) in the first line of the post, and in the title. You must contact us with your proposed post. While the post does not have to be western fiction per se, remember that this is a western fiction site.  However, any post remotlely related to the American West, fiction or non-fiction, will be considered.  If you are a good writer and post interesting articles relevant to the site, THESE ARE FREE. To clarify: If all you want is a single post, we treat that as an ad and you will be charged. However, if you’re going to be a somewhat regular contributor (which at this time is 3 or more good posts), then there is no charge. At this time, there are no set limits as to how many posts you can make, but I’m sure the guy in the back office who handles all of this (approving the ads, posts, comments) will no doubt have some say in limits if you push the envelope too far.These kinds of posts cannot be simple promos for your book(s), though there is no restrictions on your putting a promo at the end of the post, or a simple link, or in some clever way, mentioning your book, or even using a relevant word to do an embedded link to your book/web site.  Also, once you reach the status of being a regular contributor, you will be permitted to make a Press Release and/or Book Review of your own book at no charge. You might even make several, spread out over time, as long as they are for different books.

3. Selected Links. If you wish to place a backlink to your book in a particular post already done, there is a small fee for that. These links are inserted and remain in the post as long as the site is up and running (and owned by the same people).

4. Banner Ads. If you wish to have a banner ad for your book, prices depend on the time, place, and size of the ad. You have to design the ad. It should be an ad that will load quickly. Ask for a quote.

5. Video Trailers. These have to be embedded and be Youtube links. That way, it does not put a strain on our servers. There is a one-time fee for that.

All questions should be directed to Art, at breviapublising[@]




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